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Democracy Now an Illusion at UWM PDF Print E-mail
Written by Drew Baryenbruch   

ImageThe noble idea behind student government is to allow students to be actively involved in the decisions that govern their experience at UWM.  Law allows students to set and allocate the segregated fee portion of tuition.  These fees in turn are meant to enrich UWM for all students on campus

Your Student Association (student government) is based off of the U.S. system of democracy.  Three branches that work for the common good of those they represent.  Three branches of government that create a constant pattern of checks and balances.  With such noble ideas and such a great basis for a governmental system, what are we lacking at UWM?  What has happened to corrupt our system?  Simply, personal greed has eroded the foundation on which our student government is based.

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Rules to Working out at the Klotsche Center PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nate Smidt   

I have had my fair share of interesting experiences at the Klotsche Center, as I'm sure we all have.  Of course, with the wide array of activities to do at Klotsche, you are bound to find many different kinds of people ranging in age, gender, ethnicity, etc.  With that said, here are seven rules to working out at Klotsche:


1)      For all guys who run on the treadmill: Don't act like you're actually running on the treadmill, we all know that you're flirting with that cute girl who is on the treadmill next to the one you picked. If you really want to run, use the track.


2)      Why is there always a fight during basketball games?  The games are not that intense. It's not life and death, just play the game and have fun. If you lose, slap your opponents hand and tell him, “good game.”

Call Waiting? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Amanda Ford   

There have been a good number of times when I, as a rational human being, have wondered why people would either answer their cell phone or continue to be on their cell phone in certain situations.

 Inappropriate cell phone usage #1: A teacher answered his/her cell phone in class, while giving a lecture.

Jessica Helminiak, a senior in the education program, experienced this first hand. “After pointing people out in class when students’ cell phones would go off during lecture, and for her to sit there and carry on a conversation for even a couple of minutes, it was just shocking.”

Sure, I can see if the professor is expecting a call from his spouse because they’re about to have a baby, by all means! In that situation, though, how many times have we, as students, been harped on by teachers to make sure our phone is off? It’s a little hypocritical, okay not a little, it’s a lot hypocritical. So if a teacher were in fact expecting such an important phone call, he should have the courtesy of letting the class know ahead of time.

The Freshman Fifteen? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Clare Gajkowski   

ImageEvery college student preparing for school has heard of “The Freshman Fifteen.”  But is it a common misconception or somewhat accurate?  It seems logical that students, (dorm students, especially) who eat late night meals and sleep during their free time may gain some pounds. Yet on the other hand, all the walking we do between classes has to be of some advantage, right? 

A study at Rutger’s Cook College in New Jersey tested this theory. They conducted an experiment using 67 students. The students volunteered to weigh in periodically to chart their progress throughout their first school year. Three quarters of the test subjects did in fact gain weight; however, it wasn’t fifteen pounds (the average was seven pounds). Still, it did show a somewhat substantial amount.

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