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Professorial Polling Paradox PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mal Kline, Accuracy in Academia   

Polls that show public confidence in college professors as well as in grade and high-school classroom teachers are not inconsistent with other survey findings that show bias on the part of pedagogues everywhere. “In addition to doctors and teachers, those rounding out the top five of generally trusted occupations and professions are scientists (77%), police officers (76%) and professors (75%),” the results of a Harris poll released on August 8th show. “Conversely, the five occupations that are least trusted to be truthful include actors (26%), lawyers (27%), stockbrokers (29%), trade union leaders (30%) and opinion pollsters (34%),” Harris interactive goes on to somewhat ironically note.

Politically Correct = Bias? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ryan Baudhuin   
Since the founding of this country, there has always been the ability for the minority to voice its’ opinions. The concept of majority rule with minority rights was originally based on a solely political standpoint, but as our society has evolved it has moved into other categories
This allows minorities of religion, race and sexual orientations, as well as other opinionated peoples to have their say on various matters. Now, this is a great concept that prevents the majority from oppressing the views and ideals of the many different subcultures whatever they may be. Lately, there has been an alarming trend submerged in political correctness that seems to create an atmosphere that does just the opposite. Sure, the minority has rights, but that should not affect the thoughts and opinions expressed by the majority.