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Security Now! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ryan Francis   

Fans of the television comedy Seinfeld remember the episode “The Serenity Now” from the show’s final season. Dialogue from the first scene of that episode reads, “Frank: Doctor gave me a relaxation cassette. When my blood pressure gets too high, the man on the tape tells me to say, 'Serenity now!' George: Are you supposed to yell it? Frank: The man on the tape wasn't specific.” That humorous exchange is built on throughout the episode as George Costanza’s father Frank continues to yell “Serenity Now” to decrease his stress and blood pressure, but the yelling instead just fuels Frank’s anxiety and makes the situation worse. On October 17, 2006, President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law. The President characterized the new law as “one of the most important pieces of legislation in the War on Terror”, but in reality the MCA is the equivalent of the US government yelling “Security Now!” The Military Commissions Act allows the federal government to take away an American’s basic constitutional rights while claiming to do so for the safety of the country.

The Euthanasia Debate PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicole Keelan   

Euthanasia is a growing political and moral debate that continues to become a major headline in today’s media. Euthanasia is otherwise known as “assisted suicide”. It is the attempt to cause death upon someone who has severe medical problems. Euthanasia is sometimes called a form of “mercy killing” to help the severely ill out of their misery.

There are numerous reasons of why assisted suicide has become such a heated topic. The first issue is the cost of medical care in the United States. Medical costs are rapidly getting higher, exceeding the rates of inflation. These financial pressures can cause an individual and his/her caregiver to lean towards Euthanasia.

In addition, morals and values of Americans have changed over the years. Traditional religious values are falling through the cracks, making ethics of quality vs. sanctity of life be put to the test.

Last but not least, psychological disorders among individuals are increasing. Suicide attempts and completions are gradually rising in America causing the Euthanasia debate to be put to the test.


First Amendment Rights: Are We Protecting or Destroying Them? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nicole Keelan   

As of lately, a lot of religious controversies have been heating up the tabloids. Whether it is the ACLU battling the Hurricane Katrina Memorial or saying The Pledge of Allegiance in schools, the fight of separation of church and state has been taking the front pages of local and national newspapers.

The ACLU, otherwise known as American Civil Liberties Union, objective is to defend Americans rights, freedoms, and liberties; however, recently the ACLU seems to be setting poor examples by limiting the Amendment they “fight” so hard for.

Hurricane Katrina victims have had enough on their plate this past year, but that sure has not stopped the ACLU from intervening. Currently the ACLU would like a cross memorial in honor of 130 people that died during the hurricane be taken down and moved to the donating parish’s private property.