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Written by The University Standard   

Over the past few weeks, Milwaukee has been at the center of attention across the state and across the country. No, it wasn’t some innovation from one of our Universities, it wasn’t a victory by one of our sports teams and it wasn’t even in lieu of some natural disaster.

Milwaukee has been the center of attention for one thing: crime.

The once thriving city of immigrants has become a city that has been taken over by thugs who think that they have the right to terrorize those of us who choose to obey the law and earn a living the hard way.


In most societies, the government is set up in such a way that it provides a means to ensure that the people are afforded both safety and a climate that is friendly for growth and accurately shows the make-up of the majority of the population.

That is in most societies, but apparently not Milwaukee.

In the past few weeks, we have seen a delivery driver shot and killed, a Special Olympian killed on a street corner and an 11-year-old being gang raped. That is only the news you hear about.

Every week in Milwaukee there are dozens of shootings and every week there is at least five homicides. If you are curious, simply go to the City of Milwaukee’s Police Department page at www.milwaukeepolice.org and there you will see a weekly update of all the violent crimes that happen in each of the police districts.

However, according to Milwaukee’s mayor, we are still not in a time of crisis.

Our question for Tom Barrett now should no longer be “What are you going to do?” because we know that he wont do all that much. Instead, we should ask the mayor a very simple “What would it take for Milwaukee to be in crisis?” Odds are you will get some drawn out, rehearsed statement that focuses on job growth and improving our schools.

We hate to break it to you, Mayor Barrett, but we are no longer at a point where these dry proposals for job growth and educational improvements are going to show improvements in the city of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is in a crisis and is at the very brink of a societal meltdown.

Our mayor has shown us that lawlessness will be tolerated in the city. Our police department has shown us that they are only effective at responding after a crime has been committed. Sure, they might be able to solve the case after they collect all the evidence, but what about those innocent people that have died, been traumatized, etc., simply because the police department has been unable to take these thugs off the street?

We’ve realized that the government in the city of Milwaukee is no longer going to be the protector of the people, but instead is going to simply be our low-budget version of CSI.

Both Milwaukee and Wisconsin need to pay close attention to what is going on here and finally take matters into their own hands.

Very rarely are citizens given the opportunity to make their communities better on one day. This one day is coming and it is coming soon.

On November 7th, Wisconsin residents will have the opportunity to vote on a measure that will finally bring the death penalty back to Wisconsin.

We believe that not only will the death penalty create a harsh burden for heinous crimes, but we also feel that those committing them will think twice, knowing what their fate will hold. Currently, you kill someone, you get to go to prison, where you can still continue your gang activity and maybe spend some time with old friends.

Each day that these thugs rot away in our prisons is another day the taxpayers are rewarding those who have ruined the lives of others. The taxpayers need to finally take matters into their own hands and show those thugs that murder will not be tolerated and we will seek the most severe punishment on those who choose to terrorize our lives.

Of course, we only condone the death penalty in cases where DNA evidence is available to ensure that there aren’t years and years of appeals by these half-rate ACLU lawyers who think they are serving some social cause by helping known killers.

Will re-instating the death penalty stop all crime in Milwaukee or Wisconsin? No. Will it reduce it? Maybe. Will it start a chain of events that will give Wisconsin elected officials the thumbs up to citizens taking back their communities? Of course.

Step one: Death Penalty

Step two: Conceal and Carry

Step three: Block Party. Now that people won’t be afraid to leave their homes at night, people can finally enjoy the city that they help pay for.

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