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Written by The University Standard   

Candidates for Attorney General in Wisconsin are now entering the final stages of their primary campaign season as the September 12th primary is now within a 30 day window.

Vying for the Republican seat is former United States Attorney General JB Van Hollen and current Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher.

With less than 30 days remaining, the already ugly race has appeared to get even more violent with candidates on both sides driving attacks at the other candidates personalities opposed to the issues each represents.

After a heated Republican debate last week, both Van Hollen and Bucher agreed to new ground rules, where each candidate will focus on the issues instead of attacking each other personally.

In an email to Bucher, Van Hollen proposed the following ground rules for the remainder of the campaign:

“1. We focus on why new leadership is needed in the AG’s office, and our own visions for what that leadership should be.

2. We agree to a fair allotment of times for exchanges, with no interruptions during the one another’s’ allotted times.

3. As we compare our respective experiences and backgrounds, we focus on what makes each of us prepared to fulfill the vision we are laying out for the office, not attacks on the preparedness of each other. We both have been in law enforcement for years, and there is plenty of good we can each say about our own varied experiences.”

In a facsimile response, Bucher agreed and stated “This should be a race about issues and ideas”.

Both Republican candidates will be at various events in the Milwaukee area in the coming weeks, please visit their websites at www.vanhollenforag.com, and www.paulbucher.com for more information.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 August 2006 )
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