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Dave Matthews, Source: WeeklyDaveSpeak.comFor any new freshman or simply any new student, coming to college is guaranteed to be a time that involves transition. As with anything, the easiest way to minimize the difficulty of this transition is to do it with friends and those who share the same interests that you do.

However, like many incoming college students, most of your core group of friends have gone on to other schools around the country leaving your high school “crew” in shambles. This forces you to fend for yourself and start a fresh chapter in your life.

As frightening as it might be to meet new people, the reality is that a few simple tools can allow social networking on campus to be quite easy. Of the different tactics that one could use to meet people, there is one tactic that is guaranteed to have a positive effect as a conversation-starter.



While this might sound quite simplistic, the reality is that for many college students, music is an essential part of their day. From studying, working out and even drinking, music has some place in each of these collegiate activities.

For those people looking to meet people who share similar interests, having a taste in music that is widespread amongst college students is going to make your networking endeavors much easier.

However, the question many people might find themselves asking is, “What types of music do people in college listen to?” In Milwaukee, one of the universal components that we share with other campuses across the nation is music.

To help make this easier on you, here is a list of music groups that every college student should get to know. Have these songs on your computer. Play them when there are people congregating in a room. When people ask what type of music you like, list some of these bands, but make sure you know some songs so you can carry the conversation even further. If the conversation can be carried beyond the first few seconds, congratulations! You have been successful at the first step of social networking: finding a common ground.

So, here is a list of essential college music groups compiled by the University Standard staff that will help ease the burden of networking on campus.

Dave Matthews Band: Yes, many people have grown tired of hearing of Dave Matthews Band and in relation to the college scene. Yet even after all these years DMB is a band that just about all college students know well, even if they don’t all admit it.

Suggested Songs: #41, Crush, Tripping Billies, Two Step, Satellite, After Her, All Along the Watchtower, Big Eyed Fish, Lover Lay Down, Crash, Say Goodbye

Radiohead: By far, Radiohead is one of the most eclectic, as well as versatile bands that have surged in popularity amongst college students. With their laid back songs, as well as deep lyrics, Radiohead not only is sure to have something for everyone, but at the same time provides you with music that will enable you to show your deeper side.

Suggested Songs: Idioteque, Fake Plastic Trees, Creep, Karma Police, Let Down, Everything In Its Right Place, Paranoid Android

Brad Paisley: Don’t like country? Face it my friend, you live in Wisconsin. Even though it might not seem like the case here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has many country music fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the people you try to meet come from small towns in Wisconsin. Odds are, if they come from small towns, they will like country. If they like country, odds are they will like Brad Paisley.

Even if you can’t stand country music, Brad Paisley offers listeners a “twang free” sound that just about anyone can enjoy. Give it a chance!

Suggested Songs: Celebrity, Alcohol, Mud on the Tires, I’m Going to Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song), The World

O.A.R. (Of a Revolution): O.A.R. is the epitome of college music. Being that they gained their fame by working the college scene, O.A.R. has earner their respect on campuses nationwide and has stayed loyal to their audience. This audience loyalty has been reciprocated, making O.A.R. one of the most popular summer tours year after year.

Suggested Songs: Hey Girl, About Mr. Brown, That Was a Crazy Game of Poker, The Wanderer, Night Shift

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Last Updated ( Monday, 11 September 2006 )
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