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Written by Colleen Boltz   

Bar Louie is nestled in downtown Milwaukee on Water Street. The restaurant/bar just opened over a month ago and from a customer’s eye could not get any busier. Bar Louie is a chain restaurant that has over twenty locations in seven states across the United States.

The trendy restaurant and bar dedicates its cuisine to oversized sandwiches but does not limit itself to just that.  There are large sections of pastas, entrees and appetizers. For those bar goers, there is large variety of beers, microbrews, wines, martinis and cocktails.

All this can be enjoyed while surrounded with a warm atmosphere. The décor brings you into an urban feeling with an assortment of unique photography hung on the walls. The photography combined with a fireplace and hardwood-floors provides a cool mood for anyone that just needs to relax while enjoying a great meal.

The hours will accommodate any lifestyle, open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. weekdays. It allows for family dining, work meetings over appetizers or even an evening date.

I recently ate at Bar Louie on a Tuesday night. There were some positives and negatives to this dining experience. I enjoyed the hosting service. They were full of smiles, while opening doors and seating the customers at a timely rate. Although the host staff was extraordinary, the wait staff was not as impressive. It seemed at times that they were rushed and did not spend enough time caring and waiting on the customers.


Tuesday nights have a special deal: dollar hamburgers with a purchase of any type of beverage. Although any extra topping costs fifty cents, this is still a deal for such a large burger.  Also, with this meal is an offer for a side of fries and tater tots for a small charge.

These burgers were prepared in a timely fashion with a wait of only about five minutes. This was great for the group I was dining with, except the waiting staff did not take all the orders at once so those who did not order the burger received their food later. This was inconvenient and quite strange for a restaurant to do with meals that are considered an entrée.

There were various types of people eating at the time I was there. I viewed young professionals dining out after a long day at work, families going out for a discount meal and college students drinking and watching sporting games on the numerous TV’s. Bar Louie can accommodate and please just about any type of crowd.

Overall, I give Bar Louie 3.5 stars out of 5. They excel at timeliness, atmosphere and cost but need to work on customer service. Even though there is a rush at times, customers should not be neglected. I could say this could be a beginner’s restaurant small problem with new wait staff. I can’t wait to dine at Bar Louie again to see if there have been improvements.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a chill, relaxing atmosphere to wind down from a stressful day or if you want to pick up a drink while watching that night’s baseball game.

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