Artist Spotlight: Matt Costa
Written by Colleen Boltz   
With his dream career in shambles, Matt Costa believed everything he once had hoped for was now impossible.  After seven years of practice his goal of a professional skateboarding career which at one point was at the tip of his fingers, was now miles away.

On the brink of the most exciting point in his career Costa shattered his leg in a skateboarding accident.  At the time which seemed to be the worst possible predicament blossomed into a blessing. 

During his recovery Costa now turned to his guitar. He had received this guitar about the same time as his first skateboard.  In an interview with writer, Roy Atizado, Costa explains how he was always intrigued by music.
“I've always loved music and always been drawn to music. When I was a little kid, I'd go to my aunt's house and I'd stay there. And she'd have board games and TV and all that. And she had a piano and I was drawn to that. I would pick out melodies on it and things”, stated Atizado.

With his first love of skating put on hold, Matt threw all his passion into songwriting and recording short songs.
A four-track recorder and some lucky connections later, Costa was in the studio working with Tom Dumont, the guitarist for No Doubt. Dumont is known for his great writing skills but insisted on letting Costa write his own songs because of unique style.

Costa describes his influences as, “everyone, you know, people around me in day to day life. Musically, the people that influence me are Donovan; he's my all time favorite. I look up and aspire to write songs like he does. Van Morrison, of course…”

After the self-distribution of a five song self-titled EP album, interest began to grow in this album, as well as the creative process by Costa in the studio.  Songs We Sing was soon produced and is currently able to be purchased at Awarestore, CD Baby and

Songs We Sing is a compilation of brilliantly strung together chords and flawless lyrics that will take you to another place. Astair, one of the albums standout tracks, is a prime example of how natural Costa’s talent is. Without giving away what makes Astair so astounding, Costa explains to his feelings about the song, “I wrote it probably a little over a year ago and Gabrial McNair played harpsichord on it and that really does an amazing part of the song 'cause it just shimmers and shines.

The guitar and finger picking of the harpsichord together paint this landscape behind the vocal. Lyrically, the lyrics talk about… well, I shouldn't say. To every person, it's gonna mean something different. I don't want to ruin it for you.”
Most recently Matt Costa has been seen performing with Jack Johnson and is due to open for him in his upcoming tour in Europe. Costa is also featured on Johnson’s DVD, A Weekend at the Greek & Live In Japan.

As for what is next for Costa, he plans on working on another album, while still playing and writing great songs. Songs We Sing is a must buy album for those who a soft spot music that really soothes the soul. Look for Costa and Songs We Sing on the airwaves in the upcoming months.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 August 2006 )