Artist Spotlight: The Treats
Written by Colleen Boltz   
What do the words rock and roll with smatterings of pop, blues, hard rock, punk and psychedelia. Answer: The Treats. These exact words are how Don Isham, the drummer for the band, described his bands music. There is not one exact genre that this band falls into, their debut album, Paint Your Blood, throws bits and pieces of everything you can imagine onto your plate. The Treats started making music in 2000 and are straight out of Madison, Wisconsin.

The band emerged one late night when Andy and Don Isham were playing and neighbor Tim Payne came over with his bass to join in.

"Andy and I used to jam around in our college house on weekends, softly sending our neighbors off to sleep. Tim was one of those neighbors, and came over one day to offer his bass playing services. We obliged, since Tim could get his hands on some cheap PA gear as well," Don jokingly states.

Well no joke here, the bass styling of Tim was exactly what the Isham brothers needed and a few late night jam sessions later The Treats were born.

Although the band instantly formed, they had no idea what was ahead of them. From unplanned accidents to movie soundtracks The Treats have been through it all. In 2003, the bones in Andy’s wrist were shattered in an accident, leaving little hope to play guitar again. Nevertheless, from bad only came good, after several surgeries and physical therapy sessions Andy was playing again. The "break" The Treats endured during this hard time made the band realize what they really have.

"Since we had six months of thinking we would never play together again, upon

Andy’s "recovery," it seems that the playing got a bit more urgent and we have enjoyed what we’re doing more than ever," Don explains. This was a wake up call for The Treats and clearly, they responded.

The Treats also lined up a deal with the Film Side Effects. While playing at a
local show in Madison Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, the director/writer of the movie Side Effects, was in attendance. Moschkau bought The Treats debut album and the rest was history.

The Treats will kick off the movie premiere with different shows throughout the U.S. The film Side Effects will premiere locally on December 9th at the Ridge Cinemas in New Berlin. The Treats will be playing the following Friday, December 16th, at Points East Pub in Milwaukee with another band from the Side Effects movie soundtrack called Heathrow. Their debut album, Paint Your Blood, is available in many local music stores in Madison.

What is next for the treats? The band is in the process of building Standing Water studio in Madison. This is the studio where they planned to start recording their next album and help produce a few other projects.

"After that, we’ll keep writing, recording, and performing until we get sick

of it or each other or… I decide to go solo," laughs Don.

There is no doubt about it, this band is on the rise and is a definite must hear. You can sample their music online at or go to Points East Pub to listen to the live.