Alderman Michael McGee, Jr
Written by Josh Dirkse   

Alderman Michael McGee Jr. is at it again.  And I still beg the question: why do people elect lunatics to public office?

The Alderman is urging state lawmakers to pass legislation that would add 10 years to a prison sentencing for those convicted of murder…if the victim is black.

“Black men are an endangered species,” McGee Jr. said.  “You have to protect endangered species.  There is no other ethnic group or person in the world than the black man in America who is losing their life at the rate we’re losing our lives.”


If I had statistics to back that claim up, I could agree or disagree, but I don’t.  His proposal is still incredibly ludicrous.

The Alderman made the proposal at a memorial service for a young African-American boy brutally beaten in broad daylight while waiting for his bus.

His proposal gives Blacks a special status, a value of life, or punishment higher than any other race.  Murder an Asian, Hispanic, or a Caucasian you get one penalty…murder an African-American, you get slapped with a harsher penalty.  Doesn’t sound like racial equality to me.

It’s comforting to know that this law would never survive a convened state assembly meeting.  The heir to this bill would be most certainly ridiculed, and the constitutionality would make it all the way to the Supreme Court.
Equality is something we need in our justice system, and creating this proposal on the basis of race is something the Alderman needs to reconsider.  He’s skirting the line of mandatory life imprisonment, or the death penalty for murder.  If you’re going to curtail homicides in the inner-city, moving towards the death penalty is moving in the right direction, not just 10 years for African-American victims. 

And I don’t think that Alderman McGee is the man who should be drafting these proposals, in fact, I don’t think the man should be elected to office.  This all kind of makes Alderman D’Amato look like a saint.
But, the sole conception that this man is an elected official is what bothers me.  And, what’s more troubling is that this adds to his laundry list of radical incoherent behavior.
McGee Jr., once an academic advisor here at UW-Milwaukee roused controversy when he called the alleged criminals in the Frank Jude Jr. case, faggots.  In the same speech he called Country District Attorney E. Michael McCann a ‘dumb-ass.’  Prominence is exuberated on the Common Council (sarcasm).

The list goes on…McGee received a disorderly conduct citation after his car was ‘suspiciously parked’ in a Blockbuster parking lot after store hours.  The citation says that McGee yelled an obscenity at one of the workers after police confront McGee, leading the Alderman’s arrest.  McGee claims it was racially motivated.

McGee Jr., has accepted the ‘Stop-Snitching’ culture, a plan that many city officials are trying to do away with.  The Alderman has made it a program in his ‘Respect Kampaign.’
Now, I understand I’m making McGee out to be a bad man, but there’s nothing to be proud of in his actions.  He’s taken little initiative.  But, his proposal for hightened sentencing is a ‘move’ in the right direction.
There is a need to cure our inner-city violence, but preaching equality, then making statements in total contradiction of it, is not starting on the right foot. 

There’s also another aspect at work here.  It shows how African-Americans get a seemingly ‘free-pass’ when it comes to racism.  I’m not claiming that Alderman McGee knew his comments were racist, but if the proposal was made by a Caucasian, and for Caucasian victims…it would be national news.