The Left's War
Written by Jake Creecy   
As any college student can tell you, the Politically Correct/Diversity cult’s influence on our campuses is ubiquitous. Their efforts have been successful in forcing mascot changes at many schools – not the least of which was the recent battle over Marquette University’s possible reversion back to the Warrior mascot. The Left also has been quite successful in silencing conservative thought by all manner of means. This ranges from threatening college newspapers that printed David Horowitz’s “Reparations for Slavery is a Bad Idea -- and Racist Too" in 2001 to the repeated vandalism of the house of a prominent member of a conservative newspaper published at Marquette University.

One of the Politically Correct/Diversity cult’s most odious attempts at forcing their vision upon our nation’s students has been the marginalization or even removal of the military presence on campuses. I think we are all familiar with the anti-ROTC bias that was prevalent in the late sixties. However, the newest form of anti-military bias is far more insidious than the overt protests held against the unpopular war in Vietnam.

Recent attempts at removing ROTC from university campuses have occurred all over the nation, including schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Columbia and the University of Wisconsin – just to name a few. The Left’s attack is not limited to ROTC; it is aimed at the military in general. 
One of the most recent examples of the far Left’s assault occurred last month at the University of Washington where the Student Senate was debating whether to honor World War II Medal of Honor winner and Washington alumni, Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington. As some readers may recall, the 1970’s television show “Ba, Ba, Black Sheep” was based upon Boyington’s exploits fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. “Pappy” Boyington downed 26 Japanese planes and endured 20 months in a Japanese POW camp. Though it may be a no-brainer for most that such a hero should be recognized by his alma mater, the Student Senate took the opposite view and voted down the project.

The minutes reveal some of the justifications for not honoring such a distinguished officer. Student Senator Jill Edwards questioned “whether it was appropriate to honor a person who killed people” and dropped the following gem: “[I] don’t believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW [University of Washington] wanted to produce.”  Other statements revolved around the details of the language to be used on the memorial and the very educated comment made by Senator Ashley Miller (ignoring the fact that Boyington is part Sioux) that “[too] many monuments at UW commemorate rich white men.”

The Senate’s actions and words belie the new form of anti-military bias employed by the Left. The military is an affront to diversity, tolerance and the opinions of the Politically Correct/Diversity crowd.  To many on the Left, the military symbolizes everything wrong with America: the military is intolerant, the military doesn’t believe in diversity and the military is the instrument of the imperialistic policy of rich white men. 

A columnist for the Columbia Spectator (Columbia University’s student newspaper) summed up nicely the Left’s feelings in a February 16, 2005 article entitled, “ROTC, You Are (Still) Not Wanted Here” by Nick Rosenthal.  Mr. Rosenthal wrote: “[J]oining the military is flushing your education down the toilet…ROTC fosters understanding and respect for the military and its members (unless they are gay, in which case we like to rape them with broomsticks).” Also, showing support for the military “encourages and promotes war,” and, of course, all the military “really want[s] to do is kill people.” Bravo Mr. Rosenthal, Cicero could never have hoped to be as eloquent.

Consider UW Senator Jill Edwards’ quote that Marines were not the sort of person that UW, and by implication, all universities, should produce. Behind those ignorant words lies the belief by many on the Left that individuals that meet their standards of belief should only populate universities.  In other words, students who are anti-military, anti-religion, anti-conservative and worship at the Politically Correct altar.

As disturbing as that may be to those who disagree with their political views, their attempt at creating universities with only one student arch-type is worse. How does it serve the nation to produce graduates who come from the same mold? Who should set the definition of what an American college student should be? What makes them qualified?

The Left has used the language and rhetoric of tolerance and diversity to justify their intolerance for viewpoints that differ from their own. In the recent, well-publicized fight over ROTC at Columbia University, those who opposed ROTC did so on grounds of racism and intolerance in the military. 

It is best to let the all-knowing Mr. Rosenthal explain: "Even if this does increase the amount of diversity here, this is not how the diversity should be created, white students being doctors and lawyers, and blacks and Latinos being soldiers. I'm not really sure how the core curriculum is going to come in handy when you've been ordered to stack a group of naked Iraqi prisoners in a human pyramid.
The far Left has consistently preached that the military and university students must agree with their views; and if they don’t they must be ill-educated and intolerant barbarians. Former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, a Harvard graduate, once said Harvard regards the military "as some kind of disease to be avoided to show how intellectually superior you are.” Quite right, Secretary Weinberger. I do believe that many readers out there have had the pleasure of being told by professors, College Democrats and other leftists that if they were intelligent they would understand that the Left was completely correct.

In the end, the Politically Correct/Diversity cultists are shooting themselves in the foot. Most people do recognize that their arrogant intolerance of particular opinions about the military and other subjects runs counter to the very tolerance that the Left has preached universities should embrace. It doesn’t take a degree to recognize that such hypocrisy rarely wins the support of intelligent people.