Reality TV 4th Street Forum
Written by The University Standard   
Have you ever wanted to ask someone why there are so many parking tickets given out in the city?  Or why in the UWM district no more than three students can live in a household unless they live with family members?  If so, 4th Street Forum is just the place to get out and be active in your community. It deals with real issues – both political and social – that impact you and the community. It’s a different kind of reality TV.  It's nonpartisan so everyone can join in.

It's the only Wisconsin TV show that's taped in front of a live audience and where the audience can ask questions of the guests, on camera. You, your roommate, friends can come down to Milwaukee Turner Hall and, if you're called upon, ask a question on camera.  It's also an opportunity to see how a TV show is taped.

Milwaukee Public Television produces the show with a crew of three camera people, a floor director and an audio technician.  Down in front of the building is a production truck where the producer and others direct what's going on in the recording room.

UWM Director of the Roberto Hernandez Center and Assistant to the Provost of Latino Affairs, Enrique Figueroa is one of the three moderators. UW-Milwaukee Idea (a UWM program) is one of the sponsors, and the 4th Street Forum intern for the last three years is a UWM student, Nick Gomez.

This month's guests will include Common Council President, Willie Hines; the Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett; the Editor of Milwaukee Magazine; and UWM has arranged to have the Director of the Pew Hispanic Center from Washington DC, Roberto Suro, on the show.

Tuesday, November 7, is the big election.  4th Street Forum is a great way to figure out who will be the best candidates to represent you and you can find out about some of the controversial referenda that will be decided that day. The "Marriage Protection Amendment" that may affect the rights of gays and domestic partners and the death penalty are just a couple of the issues we'll be asked to vote on.

Here's how to attend:  4th Street Forum is taped each Thursday, noon, at Milwaukee Turner Hall, 1034 N. 4th Street (4th and Highland, across from the Bradley Center).  It lasts an hour.  You can bring your lunch or buy a sandwich, drink and chips for $6.00.

You can watch 4th Street Forum on  Fridays, 10:00 p.m., on MPTV Channel 10, or on Sundays, 3:00 p.m., on  MPTV Channel 36.  For further information, go to <>.